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Thank you. I couldn’t believe all the contacts I found through you guys!! The Recruiter list alone is huge!—Kevin G

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Resumespider matches you with companies that are looking for people with your skills, in your chosen locations and industries. Once matched, your resume will be emailed to these companies each month.

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After creating your profile on Resumespider, recruiters and corporate hiring managers who match your profile will see your resume in their account dashboard. Your resume will be searchable and printable, thus making you more visible.

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Within minutes, you can gain access to a list of recruiters and corporate hiring manager looking for people like you. After signing up, you will be in the running for jobs that may not be advertised, thus giving you access to what we call the “Hidden Job Market”.

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There is no need to spend time researching and verifying recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers; we have done the work for you. Now, you can spend your time perfecting your resume and preparing for interviews!


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